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There was a time I did not know that pressing the Ctrl key + C would copy what I wanted to in my computer. The day I came to know about the shortcut of computer, my usage of the computer became more efficient and effective, walhamdulillah.

Applying small and smart tips can be amazingly beneficial in any field of our lives, whether it be as a student, a mother, a sister, a friend. Thus, I share with you in this article some small and smart tips that will in sha Allah lead you to a successful semester.

As you go through this article, you are going to be astounded at the fact that how many mistakes we make in our study course. Having effective study plans can lead to the pinnacle of success in sha Allah, and you will be amazed how applying small tiny tips can bring a revolutionary change to your study life. So, ponder over these small tips, try them out, hopefully inshaAllah they will work for you, the way they work for me.

Sincerity – studying any subject in any field requires total sincerity. It is not only sincerity in the beginning, that discontinues in the middle of the course. But it is sincerity that should be in the beginning, in the running of the course and at the end. Sincerity is to seek the knowledge to please Allah SWT and a determination to apply that in our actions. It is never to seek knowledge to be known as knowledgeable, a scholar, or a famous teacher. As students of Islamic Studies, it is even more important for you to constantly check your intentions, because shaytan is at his highest stamina to make you discontinue your studies and break the bridge between you and your deen. By destroying your sincerity he will either make you lose your motivation, or he will make you do the work with a completely different intention. Hence, the journey of sincerity is never-ending, constantly remind yourself why you are studying, and keep checking your intentions.

Tip to protect your sincerity : While studying remember that Allah is surely watching you. Feel that connection with Him. In sha Allah, this will help you protect your sincerity.

Know your goal, stay motivated – One of the problems students face in their study course, is a lack of motivation. And I personally feel this lack of motivation is because of not understanding one’s goal of studies. We do not study to get good grades only, or a certificate, but there is a loftier aim for studying. And that goes for every field of study whether Islamic or not. And that is gaining a deeper understanding of the subject in hand and facilitating the intellectual growth within ourselves. This will excite you to study, fill your heart with joy, make you enjoy your study course and most importantly keep you motivated throughout. For Islamic Studies, when you know that the goal of your studies is for you to gain closeness to Allah SWT, this will be the ultimate driving force.

Tip for gaining motivation – Think about the consequences you have to face if you are procrastinating. You may never get the opportunity to study again as life keeps changing so drastically, or you may get so busy with other priorities in life that you may not have the same amount of time and thus you may not be able to go as much close to Allah as you could have. Thinking of those moments of regret can be a super motivating factor for you.

Time – Be prepared to give enough time to your studies. While you give it, think it as an investment. For you get what you give. If you give the required time and effort, Allah will give you the required result. Set aside a fixed time for daily studies and make it fixed. It should not be moved due to any work of less priority. With that said, make sure that you study on a daily basis. Move slowly and steadily like the turtle, but make sure you do move! This helps you avoid piling up too much studies for the last moment, that results in nothing but loss

Study place – Just the way you have a specific place for sleeping, eating and cooking, likewise you should have a place for studying as well. It is just not the best thing to study on your bed or dining table. You should have your own table to study surrounded by all the study materials including pens and books so that whenever you need something you can reach it easily. Having your books close by help you research more and refer to more different books.

Your study place should be very quiet and away from distractions. This will help you attain one of most important trait, focus.

Focus – While you are studying remove all sorts of distractions from around you. Focus is the key word for success in every action. It goes the same for your salah and dhikr. When you focus is there in your salah and dhikr they become a means of your empowerment and you excel in them. So when you sit for studying, remember that it is an act of worship you are doing for the sake of Allah, hence give all your focus to it. And when you do it, you will really be amazed how much you start enjoying your studies. Do not study when you are hungry, sleepy and tired.

Syllabus – It is an extremely helpful tip to go through your syllabus while starting a course. When you go through your course details it gives you an idea of what you will be learning and helps you have a clear goal. As you move along the course with the syllabus make sure you understand the flow of the course, when assignments are due and the calendar of your exams.

Planner – When you see your syllabus make an approximate planner for the term. Move along with this planner by checking it regularly. And customize it as the events of your life changes. Sticking to a planner and deadline is a very beneficial tip for the students. Make the plan such that you have enough time for doing proper research for you assignments and enough time left to revise all the materials before the exam.

Notes– While you listen to a lecture, make sure you understand the concepts, and make quick notes on the concepts you feel you will not be able to remember later on. Be precise in your note-making. And while you are reading a text, make sure you highlight the main points and note them down into your note copy.

Assignments and Exams – Assignments are an integral part to test and enhance your understanding. Read the assignment question carefully. Understand what the question exactly demands. Ask anything you don’t understand to your teacher. Make a draft of the points you want to include in your assignment. Then do some solid research from other references for each point. You will be amazed at how much you learn from this experience.

As for exams, relax and go for it. If you have worked hard enough on a consistent basis throughout the term, there is nothing for you to panic during exams. You are already prepared! The only thing you need is to revise properly, and that too becomes very easy when you have made proper notes and preserved them. You can quickly go through them and have a thorough revision. Remember to mark your calendar and give alarm early on for the dates and time of your exam. Have a good sleep, refresh and then head for the exam. Start with bismillah and making du’a for success. Read the question carefully, and breathe. Take a deep breath frequently to release tension. Understand the question and give the correct answer. If you have time, try to understand what is wrong with the other options. Remember, exam is the last of all the opportunities to get a good grade, and not the first. In order for you to get an overall good grade, it is not only important to have a good final exam, but it is equally important to maintain a consistent effort throughout the semester. And that includes all the other above mentioned points.

Study in group – One of the best tips a student can apply is studying with a partner. So, you explain the core concepts to your friend, and your friend explains the core concepts to you. When you explain someone, your own understanding is best manifested and the idea is settled permanently in your mind. Point out the points that you feel should be memorized, and share those with your study buddy. Share your notes, test each other by asking questions. That clears a lot of unknown confusions that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Indeed, it is one of the most effective ways of having a successful study semester.

And lastly, never to forget that education is for life, not for living. We go for various courses to educate ourselves and not to attain a mere degree. Education is for developing our skills as righteous human beings that increase our moral and intellectual values.

So next time, you start a new semester, try out these simple tips. I wish all of you a successful, beneficial and enjoying upcoming semester biidhnillah!

these are the best tips written by my friend Faria Alam (Student at Islamic Online University)